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An experienced web engineer with both formal and self-taught education. I have a passion for building on the web, both front and back end utilizing React (a lot of JAMstack), Redux, Node JS, NoSQL databases like Firebase and hosting on the Netlify platform. To feed this passion I started a small web development agency called dazzle works building websites for small businesses. Along with this, I work full time as an Associate Software Engineer with Insight Enterprises. Originally from Cork, Ireland. I currently live in NYC with my dog George.

This website is a part online resume, part blog. Mainly serving as a place where I post personal content along with technical coding related content.

Photograph of Darren Carlin


Insight Enterprises

Associate Software Engineer
New York City, USA 2019 - Present

Insight Enterprises

Software Engineer Intern
New York City, USA 2018 - 2019

Central Statistics Office

Front End Developer
Cork City, Ireland 2017 - 2018


University College Cork

HDip Applied Computing Technology
Cork City, Ireland 2016 - 2017

University College Cork

Social Science
Cork City, Ireland 2013 - 2016

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