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An experienced software engineer with both formal and self taught education. I have a passion for building on the web, primarily on the front end utilising JAMstack. To feed this passion I started a small web develpment agency called dazzle works building websites for small businesses. A long with this, I work full time as an Associate Software Engineer with Insight Enterprises. Originally from Waterford, Ireland. I currently live in NYC with my dog George.

This website is part online resume, part blog. Mainly serving as a place where I post personal content along with technical coding releated content.

Photograph of Darren Carlin


Insight Enterprises

Associate Software Engineer
New York City, USA 2019 - Present

BlueMetal Inc

Software Engineer Intern
New York City, USA 2018 - 2019

Central Statistics Office

Front End Developer
Cork City, Ireland 2017 - 2018


University College Cork

HDip Applied Computing Technology
Cork City, Ireland 2016 - 2017

University College Cork

Social Science
Cork City, Ireland 2013 - 2016

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